Unique Outcomes, Inc.

helping relationships thrive

I know that the decision to look into therapy can be a difficult one.

Many people are concerned about what others might think or

are unsure of what "happens" in therapy.

I believe that you already possess many of the skills necessary to change the problems you see in your life.

Through a collaborative relationship, you can unlock those strengths and

develop goals to assist you in creating your own

Unique Outcome.

Philosophy of Therapy

My therapy style focuses on my belief that you are competent and capable. I believe you are more aware of what needs to happen for change to occur, than the you may realize. At times, people become stuck in unproductive ways of doing things and have trouble seeing other options. I also feel that people sometimes continually hear that they are not capable or create a negative story about the situation. It than makes it difficult to view their lives from another perspective.

Because of these beliefs, one of my goals is to help clients see themselves as competent and capable of dealing with problems that occur in their lives. I believe that in order for this to occur, clients need to be encouraged to utilize their knowledge to affect change. A second goal is to assist clients in generating options that can help them deal with different situations. By developing or strengthening this ability, clients can leave therapy with repertoire of skills that can be used to tackle other situations that may occur in their lives. " I use many different approaches to therapy including individual, couples, and family therapy. My approach is always based in the strengths that clients have and driven by their goals.

I look forward to hearing from you .

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